EPC521 – Important MIPv1 Files

Gain Attention Page, Personal Information Page and Main Menu Page

In creating your MIP v.1 project, you are also required to design and develop an introductory sequence that solicits and gains users’ interest. This is intended to keep the interest of your user to continue viewing your interactive multimedia package.

Following a brief “Gain Attention” sequence (about 10-second prelude), you need to also create a Personal Information page that solicits the user’s personal information such as First Name, Last Name, Student ID, Login ID, Password and so forth. The information gathered SHOULD be used in other Director files to greet and acknowledge the user for spending time viewing your MIP v.1 project.

Next, you should create a Main Menu page that links to all other Director files that you have created or will create in near future. The Main Menu page is like an index page or a Table of Contents page that links to all other Director files such as the Personal Information, Lessons, Exercises & Reinforcements, Examination page, Acknowledgement page and Reference page as well as other necessary files designed and developed in your MIP v.1 project.

Acknowledgement file and References file

You need to also create two separate files — Acknowledgement and References files as part of your web folio and MIPv1 projects. These are TWO different files.

The acknowledgement file is to thank and express your gratitude to ALL those who have assisted you directly or indirectly in completing your work. Begin by thanking the Almighty Allah SWT., your parents, your lecturer(s), your friends who have assisted you, and anybody else for that matter.

The References file is to provide all references and to give credit to all digital materials that you have borrowed, modified, and redesigned from the cyber world. Copying other people’s intellectual properties and claiming them as yours or not giving proper citations can be considered plagiarising, intentionally or unintentionally. PLAGIARISM is an ACADEMIC CRIME!!!

GOAL Statement(s), Terminal Objectives, Instructional Content, Drill and Practice Exercises, Tests or Quizzes, Tracking

Follow Dick & Carey’s approach in sequencing your MIP project.

You can also study Gagne’s Nine ‘Events of Instruction’ in developing, designing and creating your MIP.

You may also study the ARCS model by Keller and justify the ‘Attention’, ‘Relevance’, ‘Confidence’ and ‘Satisfaction’ components as described by Keller.

Create all the necessary files and components that are required for your MIP project. You will be evaluated for all the following components described above – such as Gain Attention, Personal Information Page and Main Menu, GOAL Statement(s), Learning Outcomes, Instructional Contents, Drill and Practice Exercises, Feedback & Reinforcement, Final Assessments, Tracking, Team Members, Acknowledgement and Credit as well as other related files.

You are to develop and complete all assignments using Adobe Director as the multimedia platform. Apply all necessary multimedia elements where possible incorporating other computer applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Filmora and others.


For MIPv1 Group Project:

  1. Gaining Attention sequence
  2. Main Menu screen
  3. Personal Information page
  4. GOAL Statement and Terminal Objectives
  5. Teaching Content pages (Lessons)
  6. Drill, Practice and Reinforcement screens
  7. Tracking screens
  8. Acknowledgement page
  9. References page
  10. Navigation screen
  11. Designers and Producers page

NOTE: Your work is due on the 14th. Week (or to be confirmed) of the semester. Submit the following:

  1. The original Director files of all your MIP work.
  2. The projector – converting all Director files of your MIP as a standalone file.
  3. Name your MIP project with your Group Name
  4. Include all necessary files and folders such as ‘Fonts’ folder, SWF folder, Graphic folder, Video&Audio clip folder, and other necessary folders
  5. Upload your published application and root folder to the assigned SharePoint Drive