EPC551 – Personal Portfolio (Video)


Design and develop a 30 to 45-second “GAIN ATTENTION” sequel that can be used in your MIP v.2 project. The sequel must relate to the MIP v.2 project that your group is working onIt should comprise several segments and they must be coherently designed and developed.

You are to develop and complete the assignment using Adobe Director as the multimedia platform. Apply all multimedia elements where possible incorporating other computer applications such as Filmora, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop and others.


|| Personal Vlog ||

The 2nd video production is to promote yourself. This personal vlog should be regarded as a tool to promote your interest/hobby/anything about yourself that is worth watching. The time range for this video production is around 1 to 3 minutes. The general concept of this video production is “freestyle”.

This Personal Vlog can be incorporated with any theme that is deemed appropriate and suitable for public viewing. Your Personal Vlog should also be attractive enough to impress your other classmates, lecturers and APB staff. You may invent other necessary or appropriate contents. The mode of this video production can be either landscape or portrait.


|| Music Video ||

The third video that you are required to produce is a Music Video. You need to choose an English song for this production and you are allowed to do it in a group or individually. This music video acts as a parody of the original/existing one; thus, you are free to use your creativity in incorporating a concept, storyline and other relevant components. You are expected to use various multimedia elements (graphic, footage & audio) to produce this music video. These are the requirements for the video:

  1. It has to be an English song (avoid choosing a song with profanities and vulgar words)
  2. You can incorporate 6-8 teams members: those who are to be graded (They can be from different classes as well)
  3. Using external cast members (family, friends etc) is also allowed


NOTE: Your work is due on the 8th. Week (or to be announced) of the semester. Submit the following:

  1. The original Director files of your E-Advertising Banner assignments.
  2. The PROJECTOR – converting the Director movies into a standalone file
  3. A “Fonts” folder